Guest Dj

Doors open: 23:00 | Price from: € 40

Boris Brejcha in concert is not just an evening, a live show, a set: it is much, much more, something truly unique that can be witnessed in a few select locations around the world, such as the Fabrique in Milan next Friday, 6 October 2023.

For almost twenty years, Boris Brejcha has been at the top of the international electronic scene. He released his first tracks in 2006 and hasn’t stopped since, choosing to perform with a mask inspired by the Brazilian carnival and the Joker, Batman’s quintessential enemy. Over 100 of his releases, just as the list of his memorable sets is endless, the one for the Cercle platform and the one at the Grand Palais in Paris to celebrate the 50th anniversary of man’s landing on the moon above all. Brejcha likes to call his style of music High-Tech Minimal and to subtitle it ‘the intelligent music of tomorrow’. A style that combines the depth and atmosphere of techno with experimental melodic elements. The result? A futuristic and avant-garde sound.

On Friday 6 October, Boris Brejcha is joined by Deniz Bul and Moritz Hofbauer (live). Both more than up-and-coming talents, both are part of Brejcha’s FCKNG SERIOUS family, whom he often accompanies to his biggest gigs and performances, such as the one on Friday 6 October at Fabrique.